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rural outreach

Reaching Out to Rural Communities


Project Scope

This project will trial different ways in which Partner Organisations can deliver their Gateway advice and information services to remote rural communities within the New Forest.

It will build on the work undertaken over the last two years by the New Forest Disability Service whereby they have an established outreach programme which delivers Gateway services in a diverse range of locations including hospital wards, libraries and community centres.

Over an 8 month period (Jan 2015 – Aug 2015) the aim is to expand this outreach service to more remote rural areas in the New Forest area and work with local partners to establish viable bases and mechanisms for local delivery where populations are more spread out and no current services are operating.



Contact will be made with Parish Councils across the target area to establish the need for advice services in their area and ask if they would support (at no cost) one or more of the following options:

* an outreach service at a fixed location on a regular (monthly ) basis.

* an outreach talk to specific groups with follow up links

* an outreach 1/2 day session linked to a village event

* an outreach full day session linked to a village event

Contact will also be made with existing organisations already doing outreach work across the target area. This will include:

The National Park Ranger Service

The Children's Centres

An outreach 'promotions box' will be put together with Pop up banners, 'giveaways' , gazebo and partner information leaflets etc.

The detailed initerary of the outreach service will be drwn up on the basis of what local interest and support there is for outreach services in the various parishes. New partners (e.g. Parish Councils) will be asked to play an active role in promoting the outreach service at a local level (using marketing materials supplied by the project.)

New Forest Disability will staff and coordinate the outreach service but promote all New Forest Advice Network organisations and invite other NFAN organisations to take part.  

For more information about this project please contact Geraldine at the New Forest Disability Service tel 01425 623485